Personal Bio

My name is James Caldwell, and I am a full stack web developer in training at Centriq.

James Caldwell For the past 7 years, I have been working in the non-profit sector recruiting, training, and supporting a team of 100+ volunteers and creating programming that meets the needs of the audiences we were serving. In these leadership positions I have learned to be detail-oriented, planning every detail possible so we could approach the unexpected issues with ease. I also learned creative problem solving, because the non-profit world is full of unexpected issues. Finally, I learned the art of leadership and becoming a valuable resource for the teams that I worked on. I feel my best quality is a willingness to learn in everything I do in life, which is why I am making this change.

During my time at Centriq, I have learned the fundamentals of C#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and MVC. For a full list of technologies I will learn during my time at Centriq, please visit the Resume page. I have had a love for technology from a very young age and a curiosity about how it works. I love the problem solving and planning needed in the web development world and know that my past experiences will transfer well into this next phase in my career.

Well Organized

In organizing and leading large teams of volunteers, I have learned to plan well in advance and focus on the most intricate details in projects. I have learned that organization is key when planning large projects.

Creative Problem Solver

I have learned through various experiences, both personally and professionally, to relentlessly pursue solutions to obstacles. When faced with complex problems, I have succeeded in working on teams to address and solve issues.

Natural Communicator

I have experience speaking publicly to large groups, and can communicate complicated messages eloquently. Whether in front of large groups, giving reports to teams I worked on, or speaking with customers about their feedback, I thrive in communicating with and listening to others.

Quick Study

Participating in several continuing education situations, I have learned the importance of following through on finding answers to my questions. I have laerned how to research and am comfortable in situations where I don't immediately know the answers and follow through on research.