My work

Over the course of just six weeks, I have put together the following projects. I have also included images showing the progression of this personal web application, so one can see the skills I have acquired in my time at Centriq.

What others have to say about me...


Jim Newberry

Former Supervisor, Director of Ministries, Youthfront

“James is a picture of dependability. His commitment, character and competency enable him to be one of the most dependable people I have ever worked with.”
computer on desk with cup of coffee

Tony Lee

Character Reference, Operations Engineering Team Lead, Garmin

"First and foremost, James is just a great person to work with. He always has a smile on his face and carries himself in a very respectful and positive manner. James has an excellent ability to multi-task and manage specific details of each task with a high level of detail. He has excellent communication skills that focus on careful listening and positive delivery in a timely fashion. Finally, James takes responsibility and ownership for the work he does and is able to take feedback from others to continuously improve himself and his work."